Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Little Black Dress - The Lining

So it's finally arrived; the final garment, my very own.
Little Black dress.

I begin the process with the dreaded cutting out of the fabric. I decided in order to keep me in place that i'd label my sketch.
Technical Drawing
I then went about selecting the various pattern pieces and cut them out in the desired fabric. I'd decided upon using duchess satin for the majority of the garment as it appealed to my target customer and the overall look of the design. I also chose to contrast this with black cotton to add a different texture alongside the use of the sheer fabric, Georgette. 

After two painful days of cutting out the pattern pieces I decided to get the worst part over and done with; the pleated Georgette bodice panel.
Sheer Fabric Pattern Piece
Just as I was told, sheer fabric was the worst to work with. It all began when I decided to cut out the overly long pattern piece. Securing this fabric was tres difficult!! 
Pleated Pattern Piece
Somehow I managed to cut it out and then somehow I managed to pleat the whole thing! I soon realized that I should also secure it with pins as the pleats were coming out as I was pressing the next. Then miraculously I was able to secure it with a stay stitch so that it would be easier to line up when cutting the panel piece out. 
Panel Piece
2 painful days later and it was ready to be stitched up to the bodice.
I decided to work from the inside out and so I started with the lining of the garment. 
I began with the construction of the bodice, piecing together the individual pattern pieces.
Front Bodice Lining
Back Bodice Lining
Then moved onto the back lining and attaching the right side seam and shoulders. I found these parts particularly tricky. Although I was using a guide to ensure I was securing the pieces with a 1cm seam, the fabric felt as though it was slipping away. So it took a few tries before I got a hold on it. 
Side Seam
Shoulder Seam
Moving my way down the garment, I then began constructing the lining of the skirt. Having put in the front and back darts I attached the side seams and the full skirt lining was complete. 
Skirt Pieces
Full Skirt Lining
Skirt Side Seam
Front Lining
With bodice and skirt done, all that was left was to attach them both at the waist. And voila, I had my lining!
Back Lining
Waist Seam
Although working with the lining fabric was very very tricky to work with, it was made easier as the pattern pieces were simpler as they were bigger pieces and didn't have all the seams of the outer dress.
With the beginnings of the dress completed, i'm definitively looking forward to putting the other pieces together and getting this dress done!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Second First Toile

So I've managed to get through making the first toile for the Little Black Dress project and now looms the second.

Monday, 12 November 2012

The First Toile

So the Little Black Dress project is well under way and couldn't be anymore exciting....and stressful! A little under half way through and I think it's about time I filled you in.