Monday, 14 January 2013

A Little Something Extra

While researching and developing for my previous post, I came across some life drawing which i'd done during my art foundation.
Life Drawing

Developing Figures

With 3 weeks over the Christmas holidays to fill I got down to fine tuning my fashion figure.

I began with a simple template and sketched out a simple line up. But it seemed to lack character and excitement and so I began developing. 
First Line Up - Outlines
First Line Up - Pencil Shading & Detailing
So after cutting them out I decided to experiment with arrangements of the figures. Grouping them together makes the line up more interesting to look at, and I used inspiration from Laura Laine to add in the shading.
Laura Laine Illustration
Rearrangement 1
Rearrangement 2
Rearrangement 3
Rearrangement 4
Although I think these are quite successful, I wanted to explore further with the figures and their placement alongside the media used. 
Second Line Up - With Shading
Second Line Up - Outline
I started with fine liner pen, with harsh thick lines and heavy scratchy shading. I then contrasted this with a simple and smooth thin line. I think the latter was more suited to the style I want and so I then developed this further by adding some colour using watercolors.
Watercolor Figures
Although I like the combination of the water color and fine liner outline, it didn't achieve the mood I was aiming for. However I would consider using these medias in other projects. 
Fineliner Figures
With the last two images I feel like these are the strongest and so these will be used for pieces of work, where appropriate.