Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's All Just Beginning

It's under two weeks before the Final Show and as part of it there's a stand alone exhibition being set up within the art building of the college. It will be a taster for students, family and members of the public to have a taste of the inspiration and development that went into all the garments throughout the past two years.
As part of the exhibition, a screen will be set up showing a continuous loop of moving images, much like the ones you see on fashion websites, of all the garments that will feature in the final show. 
Little Black Dress

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Real Fashion World - An interview with Jessica Miller

For a recent project we were asked to interview someone from the industry. I felt that I could simply ask a member of staff or ask the man I knew from work who previously worked for Nigel Cabourn as a pattern cutter. Or even contact the designers from Bebe Clothing that I had previously worked with.
But instead I wanted an honest experience and opinion from an actual designer in the industry, outside of Newcastle. I found this task quite difficult to come about, considering there has to be quite a few designers outside Newcastle. 
So I hit Instagram. I never expected to actually find a designer to interview, I just wanted to look at designers work to lead me in the right direction. And that's when I came across Jessica Miller.
Call it fate or whatever, but I was drawn in to contact this designer. It was this illustration which she had posted via Instagram that caught me. 

Elie Saab - Stepping Into Spring Summer

For being one of a refined list of favorite designers, I'm very surprised of myself that I haven't dedicated a post to this designer sooner.
I first came across his work when researching Haute Couture for the Little Black Dress project earlier this year, and came to relate to and love his work.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Newcastle Fashion Week 2013

This time last year, I was watching in envy at last years students showcasing at Monument for Newcastle Fashion Week 2012.
This year it was my turn.
Little Black Dress

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Matisse; Balman Gallery

Informed on the off chance by a fellow  at work, I had to make the 2 hour bus ride to Corbridge a high priority on my to do list.
Balman Gallery