Thursday, 21 November 2013

Body Shape & The Jungle

I'm sure most graduates will be aware that when you're studying or researching into a particular area within your subject, you become immersed by it (or at least try to) in order to create a greater understanding to help write that dreaded dissertation.
With my course, my final year is one big final project made up of small pieces of writing with the big D to top everything off at the end. 
Body Shape & The Fashion Industry. That's my topic. 
The topic that will be the final piece of educated work before setting off into the big world of employment.

I'm down 3 month, a 1 three thousand word project proposal and a 12 minute VIVA presentation. And i'm in the depths of it. 
Researching into body shape and the fashion industry couldn't be any more diverse! I've came across a wide variety of articles, government reports, blogs and informational videos (more information on my project coming soon) 
all showing the vast scale of which body shape is today. 
In short (I'll be elaborating at a later date) my project is to find a way in which women can feel confident in their bodies. Being a fashion student, I couldn't think of a better way in which to spend my final year in education.

I'm sure there's a vast amount of people out there that are aware of body shape and the impacts of body image in today's society. 
This couldn't become any more evidenced than in tonight's episode of 
''I'm a celebrity...get me out of here!''
For those who haven't seen it, a debate broke out between the camp members in response to Amy Willerton's Miss Universe title.
It opens the conversation of body image today and the personal experiences two of the camp members have gone through with their own body image. It shows the impact of how society today views individuals and how individuals see themselves.

During the process of this course and each module, I am being asked constantly to reflect upon the sustainability of my project within my industry today. This clip in that particular episode is showing that the subject of my project is very much current, that it is in fact needed in today's society to promote body confidence. 
As much as this topic is a subject within a degree program, it's beginning to gain actual viability and depth in which I am growing a great interest in and could potentially build my career around.
I just hope I do it justice!
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