Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Space Project

 Finally having all my garments from the past two years in my possession, I realized I hadn't posted any of the final outcomes of this project. It also gave me a chance to reflect on this project; the successful and unsuccessful areas of the project. 

 Starting at the beginning with a mood board, I collected a range of imagery before deciding to present it digitally. Initially presenting digitally was an idea that I had to relate solely to this project, with it being space and space being seen as 'high tech' subject, I thought the digital presentation suited. 
Mood Board
Next was deciding on what sort of customer I wanted to target this collection to; a successful career woman, possibly in her late 20s, well traveled and cultured with interests such as art, of the like of Jackson Pollock, and outdoor activities such as rock climbing and water skiing. Very friends and family oriented with the love of shopping at Karen Millen, Reiss and French Connection.
Customer Profile
With the basics covered, shop reports of the major competitors of this collection were conducted. Again, I wanted to project to ooze 'digital' and so all research was done online. I found this relatively easy, while slightly enjoyable, and I found it allowed me to represent the individual stores more accurately by having all the information I needed in one place. 
Shop Report - French Connection 
Shop Report - Karen Millen
Shop Report - Reiss
Development. This is where the real fun starts. Having collected a vast amount of imagery, both space related and fashion related, I began merging them both together and forming links which would soon inform the design process. It also allowed me to nerd up on space information which I might have missed. 
Sketchbook Page 
Sketchbook Page
Sketchbook Page 
I find this stage of the design process the most informative. It's were I can scribble down the first initial ideas I might have (which tend to be a lot) and use these as starting points to look back on when I need a fresh idea.
Sketchbook Page
Sketchbook Page
Skipping to the final line up boards, this is where it gets difficult for me. Having done the vast designing and development work (the best part) this is the time to narrow those down and be selective. What I tend to do is group my designs together in how they look. I then simply choose a group which I think represents both the customer and target market. 
The final line up boards were done digitally as I wanted them to have some form of colour to them, as I have found incorporating colour within my designs in the past quite challenging, the simple lines allowed the best of both worlds. 
Final Line Up
Since the project included having to construct a garment, I decided to add in technical drawings to the development. Having these made it easier when drawing out pattern blocks and deciding on details such as dart types, top stitching and hem length.
Technical Flats
Technical Flats
And so the final garments. As much as I find constructing a garment exciting yet very frustrating, it's always rewarding in the end to see the final product. Having seeing them start from a mood board, to an initial sketch, to final technical flat, to pattern and toile to the finished construction, you soon forget all the difficulties that might have occurred during pattern making.
Final Garments
Final Garment
Although I enjoyed most projects on this course, this one in particular would be my ultimate favorite. Firstly, I was able to research into an area which I find highly interesting, space. Secondly, it was the only project where I managed to complete two full outfits (three separate garments if I want to be pedantic)
It was also the only project where I was able to fully explore a wider range of fabrics and colour. 

With this project I also think I managed to find my aesthetic as a designer. It enabled me to explore a different and new way of presenting my work via CAD. I found using this to present my work much quicker and cleaner than if I were to do these boards by hand. I obviously still do my design and development work by hand but using CAD allowed me to incorporate these pieces into the board digitally, which I think adds depth and diverse within the boards. 

This project as a whole represents me as a designer; it holds what i'm personally interested in, it shows my digital and hand rendering skills, my pattern cutting and garment constructing skills as well as my ability to design and select garments appropriate to a target customer and market. 
Four months well spent.

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