Thursday, 13 February 2014

Body Shape Boggle

As further investigation deepens into body shape, I've come across a wide scope of information in regards to statistics, opinions & of course, shapes.
During this Blog, I rarely share personal opinion or perplexity in areas that affect a wide scope of the population. However, whether it be the subject of which I'm studying or that this will be the final piece of academic work, I feel strongly about this and need some feedback that Google just doesn't answer. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I've never felt the need to define my body with a shape - I'm aware of the areas that I want to cover & the areas I want to show off. 
So when it came to do some digging into the types of body shapes there actually is, I was very intimidated. The first thing crossing my mind, 'How do women do this?'.
How do women single themselves into one category? Or do they cross reference? How does it work?

From Apples, Pears, Rulers, Lollipops, Skittles, Inverted Triangles, Wedges, Strawberries to Goblets, Circles, Triangles, Columns & then the forever ideal Hourglass.
How do you know what you are? And more importantly does it matter?

I'm not naive enough to think that everyone shares my 
''I don't need to define my body to dress it'' notion, so yes, I understand that some women may need a definition in order to guide themselves into what would suit their shape without the disappointment when it comes to the changing rooms, and so they should! 
But isn't it all confusing? Trying to find a shape that's yours?

Having done my research & read vasts amount of text via books & websites, I tried to find some sort of similarity between all these shapes. Better yet, tried to find a definition that was clear and understanding. 

Four shapes seemed to have some sort of correlation; 
Ruler/ Rectangle
Apple/ Circle
Strawberry/ Inverted Triangle
Hourglass/ Figure 8

From research online, books & then with friends & family, what I've discovered from them is that body shapes intertwine with each other when they're made into a real person. You could be a solid 'Apple' shape with some hints of ruler or inverted triangle. 
Does this sound familiar?

With much investigation at the beginning of my project into the history of the body 'ideal', I found that throughout history, the hourglass shape was the one we've always aimed towards. So in every book or website, this is their aim; to create an hourglass balance, using clothing, accessories & shoes.

Five months into this project & I'm finding I learn something new about body shape, whether it be the ideals from history, how body shape in the media affects women or how body confidence can be achieved. 
Because that's what the main goal of this project is.
Education and Promotion of body confidence. 

If you want to help, just let me know how you find your body. Do you know your shape(s)? Do you think it matters? How did you discover yours?
Do you think high street stores & clothing retailers acknowledge all your shapes?
Should dresses, playsuits & jumpsuits have better fitting to suit a varied sized body?

Any other information that you feel would help, don't hesitate to mention.

Thank You

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