Sunday, 16 March 2014

Getting Yourself Out There

Women's Wear Design Graduate. About as rare as a McDonald's restaurant. It's fair to say competition is rife in this industry, & getting a job is harder than ever. 

Having studied the fashion industry for over 4 years; after the set backs, rejections and just plain dead ends, it could be easy enough to just give up and find a different path. A path that's easier, less sought after and dependable. Well, that's not what I'm willing to settle for. The fight is part of the battle; the rejections set you up for self improvement. The set backs provide determination to succeed and to prove them wrong. The dead ends make you turn around and face something better suited. 

Having wrote this while stood waiting in line at a Recruitment Fair, with possibly another 30 people in line for the same position, I needed the reassurance.
It's easy to forget that you have something to give the industry, maybe just as much as everyone else in the room, but the trick to learn is to know what makes you stand out.
On the train home, this was my thought;
What makes me stand out from the competition?
Dedication? Hardworking? Versatility?
These are all qualities which every person in that room, and probably every fashion student, has.
So with that said, and still no individual quality that makes me stand out, I concluded that it didn't matter. I didn't need to know what makes me stand out.

Persistence. Self development and growth.
These are the qualities which will contribute in getting myself a place in the industry.
Knowing that every opportunity is a step closer, a piece of experience to add to the never ending list of skills, all adds up to a career in the industry and ultimately leads you to where you wanted to be when you started. 

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