Monday, 25 August 2014

The Real World

Graduate. It's an odd adjective to get your head around 
after spending your whole life in education.
But that's where i'm at right now.
A fashion Graduate.
What now?

Since my last post way back in March, the panic to get a job, ANY job, has been rife
(hence the lack of blog posts).
After countless applications and emails to potential employers I managed to get some retail experience at Next during their summer sale.

Having never experienced a Next sale but heard all the rumors, I sort of knew what to expect. But nothing could have prepared me for how much i'd enjoy it!
For those of you who have experienced a Next sale or are aware of what goes on, you might not understand this thought process. 
Hectic. Manic. Crazy. 
Not really ideal describing words for a desirable working environment.
But being a fashion graduate working with clothes for four hours and getting paid for it was perfect for me! The craziness just made it all the more fun!
I also managed to pick up a few more skills; learning how to tag a garment, learning about the sale process and being a part of the extensive work that goes into a retail sale.
It also allowed me to gain perspective on customer mentality; queuing for hours to grab an amazing bargain, that's dedication!

I'm a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason and that everything has it's time, so when my stepmother suggested applying for a role as a 'fashion website assistant', conveniently that was located less than one mile away, at first I was hesitant but then decided to apply anyway, thinking I had nothing to loose.
After a lovely interview, I now have the job!
That experience showed me that I need to grab every opportunity that comes my way. I also needed to thank my stepmother for pointing the job out, otherwise I wouldn't have come across the advert let alone apply for it.

And now i'm here. Wondering what to do with my new, and very real, graduate life.
I have a lovely position as a fashion website assistant and now need to progress further into the industry.
That's where this blog comes in.
I've made the decision that while I gain experience at this new role, I should use this time to reconnect with my creative urges. Painting, sketching, designing, doodling.
Inspirational photographs, paintings & techniques.
Using this time to flex my creative side will put me in a good position when the time comes to venture further a field and take the jump to a permanent design role within the real world of the creative industry.

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