Monday, 16 March 2015

Moving Forward

As ever, it's been a hectic few months.
From adjusting to a newly graduate life to employment issues.
It's coming up to almost a year since my final year of education ended,
and i'm feeling it's time to look forward.

I've had this blog now for over three years and, as clique & cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I've grown with it. Three years ago I thought I had it all worked out, as i'm sure most of us do when we're within the safety & structure of education. But what I've grown to learn is that, that's never really that possible. 

One minute you have the next 6 months planned out, the next you're unemployed & not a clue where to start!

As much as I thought i'd prepared for the 'Real World', reality was, I hadn't.

I had found myself in a role which literally demanded every second of my time, with little empathy or cooperation from my employer. Sadly the working conditions forced me to resign & at the time it was quite traumatic. I can say that it has enabled me to gain an extensive amount of legal information on the rights of an employee & the legal obligations employers have to abide by, so i'm taking that information away as a positive from quite a negative situation.

Since then, I've had an extensive amount of time to reflect & take some time out to realize my next steps.

It's funny what comes as a result when you're faced with a negative situation; I found that I just wanted to travel. Every inch of me told me to use the remaining balance on my credit card to fly to some insanely beautiful island & not return until i'd calmed down. 
I'd spend my days wandering around old cobbled streets, mixing with the locals, eating & catching a glimpse into another part of the world.

But sadly that didn't happen (not yet anyway). 
That's the thing about being in the real world, you have to think rationally & face everything head on. As Christmas was a month away, it just felt like a selfish move at the time.

Instead I made a Travel Board on Pinterest.
(For those of you who don't have pinterest, take a look!)
Making a sort of 'Wish List' of places I wanted to go created a good distraction while the after math of the previous month continued.

Getting a Job
At the time getting a job within the industry was very off putting, it made me completely question my degree & any association with the fashion world. I also had the struggle of having little funds to move away to better my chances of even finding a job within the industry. 
So I had to make the decision to start over; getting a job to get back onto my feet, a job that allows me to fall in love with art again.

  Getting Back to My Love
While getting any old job is relatively quite easy for someone who's had various part time jobs in various roles, it stung me that I wasn't actually applying for the roles I wanted. I knew I needed this time to mend, both physically & mentally before setting out into the industry again.
Set backs do make you stronger in the long run, but at times doubt can creep in.
Back in the days of Sixth Form (6 years ago??!) when I was first applying for places at university & putting myself out there, (& got rejected by every application) I had to reevaluate my next moves. Same thing occurred when I completed my FdA in Fashion; I had to look at the options given to me & choose the best path, if not the most desired.

And here I am again.
I don't ever doubt that things won't work out, I know that life could have went completely different one way or another if I did get accepted by a uni 6 years ago, or I decided to move away to London sooner.
But after all these years I know that art is stuck inside. 
My only problem is figuring out how I fit inside of art.

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